Šola za ravnatelje je del Zavoda RS za šolstvo (zrss.si).

Perspectives on Leadership

Inner Trust: The Root of Teachers’ Self-Leadership
Knut Ove Æsøy

Industry 4.0, Democracy and Education: What These Mean for School Culture and Leadership Right Now?
Christopher Branson and Maureen Marra

Benefits and Challenges of Finnish Unified Comprehensive Schools (Grades 1–9) from the Perspective of Principals and Teachers
Henry Leppäaho

Grand Theory of Antisocial and Destructive Behavior
Herman Siebens

Max Weber on Various Types of Legitimate Dominance for Leaders: A Longitudinal Study of Adults’ View of Play and Learning in Preschool
Dan Roger Sträng

This issue of Leadership in Education contains a selection of papers
presented at the enirdelm 2019 Conference, held in Ljubljana,
Slovenia, 19–21 September 2019.